About Us

Westward Alliance was formed in December 2014 by founder and sole capital investor, Ryan C. O’Reilly. Ryan serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and Reed Hopper serves as partner and Chief Financial Officer. Paul Freeman joined the firm in 2015 and serves as partner and Chief Operating Officer.

The three partners and the Westward team are dedicated to sharing their experience and resources with other entrepreneurs in a joint effort to create successful partnerships. Westward strives to partner with companies that require funding to achieve a greater goal through initial capitalization, increased efficiency or business cycle management.

It was decided early on that Westward Alliance would focus on responsible and sustainable business practices and the firm has adopted the following Mission, Vision and Values:



Westward Alliance is a private investment firm started by entrepreneurs, and formed to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of our community and promote responsible and ethical business standards and practices. Whenever and wherever possible, Westward Alliance desires to be stewards of the community and of the environment. Through stewardship and successful business practices, we strive to endow our companies with tools to succeed, resources to grow, leadership to thrive and principles by which to serve humanity and protect the world in which we live for future generations.



To promote corporate sustainability

Active investment, ownership and governance of our investments

Responsible strategic growth of our investments and our team

To enhance the vitality and prosperity of the communities in which we invest

The be good stewards of the environment

To promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by our corporate governance and policies

To enable innovation and creative spirit within the framework of our company, and to empower all those with desire to grow and succeed



As partners we extend and earn trust

As leaders we recognize and support responsible growth

As stewards we craft and create value