When most people think of the best whiskey in the world often scotch, bourbon or the latest Japanese whiskeys come to mind. There are plenty of single barrel, single malt and other “reserve” offerings that typically carry a price tag of $100+ per bottle and sometimes $1000+ in special cases. Not all avid whiskey drinkers are intersted in paying the premium for smaller batches or for the label printed on the bottle. If you find yourself on the frugal side of life but still enjoy a fine quality whiskey then Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye may be just what you are looking for.

Crown Royal’s traditional candadian whiskey is well know and serviceable for most occassions but their smaller run specialty line ups can offer something to put up on the top shelf. Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye has racked up numerous awards but most impressively won the 2016 World Whiskey of the Year awarded by “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible”. Take note, this is not the top candadian whiskey of the year or even the top rye whiskey of the year but “WORLD WHISKEY OF THE YEAR”. It beat out all of the high dollar single malt scotch whiskeys, single barrel reseve burbouns and the high dollar Japanese offerings.

So who is Jim Murray and what does he know about it? Jim is a well known and respected English journalist and has been putting out “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible” since 2003. He is also and accomplished author with numerous publications focused on whiskey dating back to 1994. Each year Jim evaluates thousands of new releases or previously undiscovered whiskeys to put out his top whiskeys of the year.

Whether you like rye whiskey or not, being able to try the “World Whiskey of the Year” for under $35 per bottle you really can’t afford not to give it a try. Check out the links below for more information:

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible-2016

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Awards

Photo: Matthias Jordan-Unsplash 329907